Saturday, April 16, 2011

Raise the Roof!

I had a few "AFRO" wigs in my costum bin and decided to put them to use this last week.  I had the missionaries put them on with a some shades. I explained to the kids that we needed to "Raise the Roof" today with our singing.  I then introduced them to our judges (the cool missionaries with Afro's and shades).  One of the missionaries judged volume and the other judged the words.  If they sang really well the missionaries would "raise the roof" by pumping their arms up and down.  The missionaries really played into it.  If they sang well they would pump their arms.  But if they sang really well they would stand up and pump their arms to the beat.  It was phenomenal and the kids are already asking for the cool judges back.  I'll definitely take pictures next time and post them.

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