Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year Bash!

Many many years ago when my husband and I were first married, we purchased a tent for the Ayling family annual campout.  And with the tent came a light that could be switched on and off with a remote.  One night I craweled into bed and the bathroom light off of our room kept switching on and off.  Every time I alerted my husband that it was switched on again it would switch off as soon as he sat up to look.  He kept accusing me of going crazy until FINALLY the light was on when he looked!!  I would shortly figure out through my husband's laughter that he was controlling the light the entire time and the only reason he was caught looking when the bathroom light switched on was because of failed batteries.  I was so oblivious to how the bathroom light kept switching on and off at the time and thought it quite entertaining to see how my primary kids reactied to it. 

The brainstorming began...........How can I use this in Singing Time?

When they sing well the light would "miraculously" switch on! Viola! 

Although I think this would have been suffice, I couldn't just end there.  The New Year just began and I was absolutely amazed at the firework display by the local residence here in Germany.  So I decided to have a New Years Party for the kids.  Not only would the light come on when they sang well, but when they sang exremely well a FIREWORK would go off!  (Someone from the presidency popped a balloon and gently tossed a firework) Not just any firework.  The best fireworks you've ever seen!

                                                            Check out these babies!

                                     I used small foam balls and stabbed all around it with lolli pops.

And to add a little more color I stabbed in a few colorful swordpicks.

And there you have it...the ultimate firework.

At the end of singing time they got to eat their fireworks!

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