Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lola and Bubba

Meet my friends Lola and Bubba.

 Lola and Bubba are my new helpers during singing time.  They hold the songs and ideas on how to sing the songs for me. 

When the children sing really well Bubba says in his deep voice "YEAAAH" and a child gets to pull the next song we're going to sing. 

And Lola says "OOO LALA" and a child gets to pick what style we sing the song in. 
(Opera, Staccato, whisper, etc)

It was a hit for the kids. They love saying YEAAAH! and OOOO LALA with me when they reached in and picked out a slip of paper. 

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  1. You really need to advertise your blog more. Maybe if we get the sugardoodle to advertise, more people can see your creative ideas! They be saying "OOO LALA!"